Thursday, 28 May 2015


Inspirare. Inflame. Blow into.
Lungs filled with air. Filled with Oxygen.
Filled with passion-desire-madness-chaos.

Inspire. You inspire me.
You have blown into my heart-mind-soul
And you have created a whorl
That will not cease and settle down into stillness.

Inspire. You have inspired.
You have inflamed a wood-burn fire.
You have kindled a spark that spreads in the wilderness.
You have triggered creation.

Inspirare. Inflame. Blow into.
Blown my mind away.
Inflamed new love.
A tingle of sensation,
Starting at the pit of my stomach
Seeps into the veins with the lightness of air,
With the fury of flames.

Inspire. Take a deep breath.
And hold it.
In this summer-time madness,
You have given me something
That has taken my breath away.