Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Teacher Notes: 1

            In class, we were discussing how we can relate to a text by comparing it with events in our lives. It moved on to a discussion about how we get affected by books. A student said, “When I read a book, and there is a scene… for example, where people are sleeping, I start feeling sleepy too!” Today, after a harrowing morning, my last period was a library period, and for a few quick minutes, I got to read something while my students read their books. Inadvertently I yawned. A perceptive kid picks this up and connects it with a class we’d finished at least three to four days previously: “Ma’am, could I ask you something?”
“Was there a ‘sleepy’ scene in your book, because you just yawned?”

I said no and went back to my book. Suddenly I realised, Jem and Scout Finch were actually lying on their bed, waiting for Atticus to sleep. Maybe it was the words…

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