Tuesday, 22 October 2013

17/10/13- A Day of Temple Visits, Seminars and Street Chaat

Wondering whether I will be all tourist-y and visit the various sights in Jammu… Auto tour around town- Ranbireshwar mandir in the drizzle and breeze, Hari Nawas Palace in sunshine through the mists of morning watching 100 kgs of gold shimmering in the light and taking pictures with the Jammu Tavi in the background, Kolkandoli mandir (visited by a five-year-old Vaishno Devi before she travelled past Katra) in the brightness of noon.
Seminars that gave headaches, that became a big deal, even though all I needed was coffee. Coffee given with sugar cubes and milk-powdery water and biscuits. Presentations in neatly dressed black clothes, eagerly waiting to be done.
A meeting of a relative’s friend for a short ride on a scooter and a car. In Jammu, the cars are all parked in public places, and the scooter is the mode of travel. Only when absolutely necessary does the scooter get you to the car to get to wherever the four-wheeler needs to take you. And so, in a scooter-then-car-ride, I got to see the Purani Mandi, the bazaar area, the old city, the green stretch, the four bridges that cut across Jammu Tavi, and various other multiplexes, four-star hotels and other buildings.
Stubbornly refusing to eat south Indian food, we found roadside shops that provided papri chaat (minus the sev),aloo tikki and kaladi kulcha (made with buns and kaladi cheese)- mouth watering, really. Even the thought of it makes me hungry. Rounding up the simple yet tasty meal with a 10 rupee coffee, I got back to the room. Conversations about terribly boring presentations, guides and other random strings of thoughts…

And now to bed.

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