Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Do you realise that India has so many colours?

Yes, actually.

I mean. There are so many different shades of just green.

I know! And grey. I love the colours. Especially during the rains. But not just the colours of nature. Also the roads, the roadside shops, and the night fires.

* * * * *

But it's not just the colours of places or things or the world around us. It's the colour of happiness, of satisfaction, of a love for life. "Where is the life we have lost in living?" But have we lost it- the life, that is- or do we really live for the living? In a slump of despair and loneliness, there was company. There was the after-rain mellowness of cool September nights, and the intermittent fireflies flickering amidst the shrubbery. There were the trees heavy with raindrops, just waiting to be playfully pulled to shower them upon you in a sudden overflow of joy. The roads were soaked, and sodden. Slowly being consumed by her own thoughts instead of the gorgeousness of the world, she trudged back, alone and silent. And then there was a friend. And a walk. And as walks-and-talks often do, her sullenness turned right round, and she saw the love in the world again.

There was god that night. Not god-he-she-or-it, but a feeling of godness in the air.
God is love and love is real. If god is where the love is, it is enough. He stated, simply- with that sense of slowly tasting the profundity as well as the simple beauty in a statement so mundane. And he was right. Because, the world had faded out- not black and white really, but just in that not noticing the colours sort of way, it had dissipated into the background. And it took a walk-and-talk to rediscover, to re-highlight the hues of the night, but also of life.

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