Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blue Lilies and Red Lotuses

Blue lilies and red lotuses;
Still waters and roaring seas;
Paradoxes of open minds and closed worlds;
Do I open the box to let the treasures out?
Or should the bubbles
breathe and ferment
In the casket of the sea?

What if those blue lilies
And red lotuses were me?
Would I want to explore
Beyond what I can see
or be?

The casket is wide
And open enough to wander.
And yet, closed to something further
Away from me.
The waves in my treasure trove
Envelope my mind
And I'll never be
The Blue Lily or Red Lotus
That flies with the wind.

Note: This comes as a response to Susheela Raman's song. Though it may not in any way be connected to the music, it is a song on its own that breathes inspiration from her tunes.

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