Monday, 12 August 2013


Despite the troubles you give me,
I am yours...
Grey sky lullaby that you are,
The clammy sultriness
In the cold monsoon rains,
The stuck-under-roof feeling
As I watch you envelope the earth,
The soft melody of your harsh downpour.

I listen with love to your rage.
I listen in silent awe
To tunes I don't completely understand.
And when I stand under
your all-consuming showers,
I melt
and dissolve
Into your passion.

Peacock-like, I sing in elation.
And dance.
Even as I am subsumed
in your intermittent song,
I stand apart.

Not nature,
But human.
Not the flow of water,
But the rootedness of earth.
Not the gush of wind,
but the stillness of air.

And yet, we two are one.
We two are everything!

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