Friday, 14 June 2013


Summer is such an uninspirational, unpoetical month! Now that the rains are here, the feeling of music and the world of vivid beauty has settled upon us once again. So here, is another poem…

Steadily, droplet by droplet, the lakes quench their thirst.
The skies speak a rainstorm of joy and serenity.
In tandem to the sky’s symphony, a green carpet hums its tune,
And the smell of the damp earth encompasses their harmony.
The air sighs in relief as the straddling stillness of summer sorrows
Are washed away,
And the map of the land, all bleak and bland in the blistering heat,
Now paints itself in newer hues and more cheerful colours
Of deep grey and subtle blue
Over-clouding the harsh yellowness of the fiery sun.

The world bustles with a quiet activity-
The ants and worms are out being busy,
Stocking up to face the heat, just as we, too,
Embrace the grey-green- mellow blueness,
Forgetting, already, the sun and sweltering heat
Of just a few weeks ago,
Instead, basking in the freedom
Of raindrops singing their rain song.

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