Monday, 1 October 2012


Silence… whispers-white flutter in the night.
Shadows of hopes and loves like a wisp of air.
The moss, harsh green, grumbles at the rocks that hold it,
The force of the waves her only rescuer.

As the sun strokes the melting blues of the water,
A whole set of life living unseen,
from human eyes, human touch, human smell
Vanishes with the murk of the night.

Silence… like a mellowed prayer
Sits upon the windowsill of thought,
And reminds of the need for joy and happiness, and peace
And all that the softness of the dark instigates.

Listening to nothing, looking at nothing,
The ears and eyes fall dead to one world,
And opens onto vistas bold and grand-
Worlds yet unexplored, waiting to be inspired!