Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Brown walls- squares
Enfold, encircle, envelope.
Ceiling comes down,
Air circles and re-circles
and swirls round and
         d        o
            n    u

Not a single opening into
the world outside.
No greenery, no sounds, no distractions.

Pupil turns left and right.
Right    and      left.
Up. Down.
Down. Up.

And everything
Shudders into silence.

Curtain Fall

So much joy and so much pain
Can we see the tears in the rain?
With a kiss of sunshine, the world turns gold
But in the summer heat, is a deadly cold.

Winds howling through the night air
Roaming faeries of here, there and everywhere.
Fires burn a ghastly song
Fires burn good and bad, right and wrong.

In the midst of a world of woe,
People wander clutching to hope.
But amidst the black, white and grey,
There is the absolute truth of ephemerality.

Wisps of me and wisps of you,
Will flit about the world in different hues.
What mind? What matter?
Is the soul in the hereafter?

As we pace steadily along,
Our waltz becomes a swan song,
And suddenly,
Abruptly, the curtains fall.