Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Chequered Building

The chequered match-box like building
With ladders like a chess-board-
Black windows and concrete bricks,
Climbing up… up…
Framed by sturdy metal rods
Made to climb, to build, to construct
a temporary home!
The chequered building shimmers with
Shades of orange light and black darkness
Playing on its corporeal frame.

Does not our chequered building
With shades of black windows and concrete thoughts
Also shimmer in the shades of orange and black,
Framed by ladders made to climb?
Does it not also construct a temporary home
Of mortal thoughts, loves and feelings?

And one day, the buildings will crumble
Like a lego-set smashed by naughty children
And the oranges and blacks will entwine
A new frame constructed by the very same children!

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