Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Brown walls- squares
Enfold, encircle, envelope.
Ceiling comes down,
Air circles and re-circles
and swirls round and
         d        o
            n    u

Not a single opening into
the world outside.
No greenery, no sounds, no distractions.

Pupil turns left and right.
Right    and      left.
Up. Down.
Down. Up.

And everything
Shudders into silence.


pow pow said...

hmmm... to me it brings out the lonesome and lonely me when i m alone in a room.. the hustle of the past (on which i gleamed with joy, cried with pain), the promise of the future (which excites my heart, and make me anticipate), all seemed insignificant and almost lost in the void of loneliness when lonesomeness has gripped me.. and the only thing that seem the most real are the walls, and whatever my senses could perceive around me within the room.. but i have a suggestion.. in situation like this, just tell urself "this too shall pass" .. or get stoned.. :P :) ...

Sayujya said...

Ah! This was during a class that we were having in the dean's room. I was getting very fidgety about the fact that I could not get out, and HAD to sit there!!!