Saturday, 30 June 2012

Strawberries on a windy day

Strawberries on a windy day,
A warm, cosy book, that takes you far away,
Jumping on slushy puddles in the rain,
With the water down your cheeks… on your skin,
Grey-blue skies amidst the green,
The ocean’s dull, silvery sheen,
Clouds that sprout magic on a whim
Tinged with a solemn, golden rim,
Strawberries on a windy day…

Chocolate fudge instead of rice,
Wine under glimmering lights,
Hooded by the stars in the darkness of night,
A smile that plays when your ‘someone’s’ in sight,
Cell-phone trills in the silence of doubt
And your heart skips and leaps about,
An unknown song that changed your mood,
Somebody cooking you delicious food,
Strawberries on a windy day…

A day off without rhyme or reason,
Ice-cream in the winter season,
Waterfalls about your feet
Dancing to a fast-paced beat,
Pillion-riding on an Enfield,
Sprawling on a yellow-green field,
A gift when you least expect it
A smile that changes your whole perspective
Strawberries on a windy day!

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