Tuesday, 26 June 2012

River song

Treading meandering paths,
Feet wander through the misty clouds
And the cold engulfs.
Gusts of frosty wind
Blow against puffed-up cheeks
That blush in the warmth of exercise.

Slowly, coyly, the translucent curtains of white
And we are at the water front.
'Rangit' curls, twists and embraces
the rocky ground
And I am left to ponder-
Are not earth and water one entity,
As you and I;
As air and fire?

The icy water only kindles the sturdy land.
Feet hesitantly stumble upon
the steel-grey, chilliness of rock-splattered waters.

Sitting upon a rock,
I am the sky,
I am the clouds,
I am the water,
I am the rocks
And inside me
Is the surety
of the river's path
And I fall silent.

Note: This poem is based on that lovely experience of sitting with my feet in the river, Rangit, in Baiguney.

1 comment:

indi said...

Wow, I really like this one. Because, in some way it's a simplified version of Buddhist philosophy. And their writing is like this too. Way to go :)