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UGC NET December 2009

To get the questions for this paper, click the following link:December 2009 English (paper II)
  1. B- The classical writer who influenced Ben Jonson’s Volpone is Aristophanes
  2. A- Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” was addressed to the American imperial mission in the Philippines
  3. D- Poetry: A magazine of Verse was founded by Harriet Munroe in 1912
  4. B- John Gower was a contemporary of Chaucer
  5. D- The English Mail coach is NOT a work of Sir Walter Scott. It was an essay written by Thomas de Quincey
  6. D- “Provincialising Europe” is a concept propounded by Dipesh Chakravarty
  7. D- Mary Astell’s A Serious Proposal to the Ladies was the earliest tract on feminism (1694)
  8. B- (??)
  9. C- Chaucer’s The House of Fame was intended as a parody of Dante’s Divine Comedy
  10. B- Essays of Elia was first published in 1823
  11. B- Orlando is a biographical work by Woolf; The Well of Loneliness is a lesbian story by Radclyffe Hall; The Ballad of the Reading Gaol is a homosexual poem by Wilde and Maurice is a homosexual work by Forester
  12. A- Easter 1916 was based on a major political uprising
  13. D- The Seven Types of Ambiguity by Empson is about an analysis of poetic ambivalence
  14. C- J S Mill is associated with Utilitarianism
  15. C- The Condition of England was the litt of England depicting the vulnerability of the labour classes
  16. C- An Apology for Poetry was written in response to Stephen Gosson’s The School of Abuse
  17. C- Silence! The Court is in Session is a play by Vijay Tendulkar, originally written in Marathi
  18. C- Ascending order in terms of size: Epigram, stanza, sonnet, epic
  19. D- “Fail I alone in words and deeds” is a quote from Robert Browning’s The Last Ride Together
  20. A- (??)
  21. D- Importance of Being Ernest had the subtitle “a trivial comedy for serious people”
  22. C- “In the deserts of the heart/ Let the healing fountain start” was the ending lines for “In Memory of W B Yeats” by W H Auden
  23. C- George Herbert composed “The Temple” (a collection of poems)
  24. B- Ben Jonson wrote Volpone, Epicoene and The Alchemist
  25. C- L’ Allegro’s companion piece is Il Penseroso
  26. A- Jake Barnes The Sun Also Rises; Caddy The Sound and The Fury; Lennie  Of Mice and Men; Tommy Wilhelm Sieze the Day
  27. A- Allen Ginsberg was involved with the American Beat Movement (1950s)
  28. D- Gertrude Stein called the disillusioned intellectuals of the post WWI the Lost Generation (others included Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, T S Eliot, Waldo Pierce…)
  29. B- Hyperbole is a figure of speech that means an extravagant exaggeration
  30. A- “Imagined communities” was coined by Benedict Anderson
  31. C- Greenbladt, Goldberg and Montrose were new historicists
  32. C- The Man With the Blue Guitar by Wallace Stevens was based on The Old Guitarist by Picasso
  33. D- Judith Butler is the author of Gender Trouble
  34. D- Barthes practised the structural analysis of signs
  35. B- Northanger Abbey is a spoof of the gothic novel genre
  36. D- Bertha Mason from Jane Eyre is the madwoman in the attic
  37. D- (??)
  38. A- Moll Flanders (1721); Pamela (1740); Joseph Andrews (1742); Tristam Shandy (1759)
  39. C- (??)
  40. A- Archetype was essentially a Freudian concept
  41. B- Naipaul wrote “Conrad’s Darkness”
  42. B- Magic realism is associated with Marquez
  43. D- (??)
  44. D- (??)
  45. A- Transcendentalism was a philosophical and literary movement during the 19th century involving writers like Emerson, Thoreau and Margaret Fuller
  46. C (??)
  47. A (??)
  48. D (??)
  49. A (??)
  50. C (??)
NOTE: These were answers that I found, and therefore I could not complete all the questions. If you have the answers to questions that have not been solved here, do post them in the comments box.

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