Friday, 8 April 2011

The Moon, though sweet, is Single

In a brilliant arrogance of gold
He awakens, strutting into the dawn.
Untarnished, perfect-featured, bold,
He unleashes a radiance unto the morn.

Two worlds away lies a love-struck soul
Faithfully revolving 'round a green-brown maid,
his torn heart still waiting to be made whole
With a glance of her lustrous eyes, thrown his way.

Enveloped by the dark night, steeped in despair,
he watches her ravishing gaze turn
To stars of day, and an arrogant glare
Of light upon her panting body burns.

Pock-marked, belonging to night and darkness,
he jealously watches her glow in His
Desire. A Lunar, lunatic madness
Eclipses his young-love's extreme bliss.

True, Innocent, Impotent, his influence
Is limited to partially swaying
The tide of her moods. Though in distance
he be near, a place in her heart denying,

She praises the great ball of fire and fury.
Though His glory burn dry her grassy bosom,
Though He cause her grief and make her eyes teary,
She lives for Him in every petal's blossom.

The earth in her first passion engulfed,
The sun in His arrogant pride and heat,
In holy communion are betrothed;
It is the moon that is single, though sweet.

1. 'he' and 'He' (with a capital 'h' are different characters).
2. This poem was written based on a topic given by my friend.
3. It was written on 06-04-2011