Monday, 21 March 2011


After a hectic three weeks, I am finally finding the time to re-visit my blog. And finally, I get time to sit back, and enjoy the sunlight straining through the leaves of the neem tree past the transparency of my window, successfully filtering into my room at five o' clock in the evening. I finally got to pick up a book from the very inviting stack on my table to read just for the heck of it, and not for some ulterior purpose of marks or classes or discussions. So I chose to pick up James Herriot's The Lord God Made Them All. I forgot how it was to visit the green hills of Yorkshire- if not physically, at least through the mind's eye (indeed, the latter, I find, is a way more exciting sojourn)- listening to a little bit of Mozart. It was perfect. I feel happy and lazy (in a good way...)
We were discussing King Lear in class today. I don't know how many of you are Shakespeare fans, and if this will ever appeal to you. I used to hate him at one point in time. And I realised why. People tend to deify the man! He was human, for god's sake! He wrote a lot of stupid plays. But he was one genius of a man. And, I'm guessing eccentric too. I had the opportunity to visit the reconstructed version of Shakespeare's Globe in London and the tour guide there was talking about the history of the place. Apparently the first time the theatre burnt down, it comprised of a thatched roof, and during a performance of one of his plays (if I am not mistaken, Richard II) he decided that it would be brilliant to use cannons for the war scene. And the plan backfired (literally), and the roof caught fire. [Sounds like a madman to me]. Well, like people say, he has this amazing ability to present so many different points of view and he is barely ever there in the play itself... Okay, okay. I get it. I am ranting, as usual. Well, so it was an amazing class.
There has also been a lot of dance in the air of late. It feels really nice to dance in a group, in an organised fashion, for a change, though dancing alone is equal fun. There was a DJ party, too. Madness was in the air. And the freedom that comes with such madness is exhilarating. I danced in a saree! As I summarised in a word- 'madness'.
I also had black coffee. Which for some reason heightened the effect of the sunlight. Though coffee with milk would have been better. Ah, well. There is a slight pleasure in sitting at my table and doing everything leisurely, without a hurry. The coffee was just a part of this whole setting and atmosphere, I guess. I shall now sign off. Enough about the luxury of time and leisureliness!! Until next time...

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