Monday, 21 March 2011


Everyone with a cause, an agenda.
Everyone with lives at stake,
With nothing but one's own identity to save.

Somebody, a nameless-mask, who has everything.
Somebody with the world at her feet.
With everything, complaint lingers on the lips.

Suddenly, there is a new world that was unknown-
That of a struggle for existence, for survival.
Learning that lives of millions go to waste while that one somebody
Lingers on insignificantly, in her bubble of isolation.

It is then that her world changes for a moment-
For one uselessly insignificant second, it is changed,
Altered, and she forgets her petty qualms,
Yet, knowing that she will turn back into that selfish, narcissistic self.

1 comment:

indi said...

how we try to be selfless! that one moment of regret for somebodies. love this one, sayu.