Saturday, 19 February 2011


Hello one and hello all (something I felt like saying... randomly). I realised "random" has become something I rarely am or is not the way I usually act any more. Except, today I went for the last day of Deepwoods, my college (fine 'old college') culturals, and it was amazingly random. I rediscovered random. I went back to the randomness that MCC offers. For a day, I no longer had to be the student who wrote assignments, who spoke serious stuff. I met a whole new bunch of people who were as random as random can be.
The day started out with a street play that we saw, and then we went to the karaoke competition, which was amazing fun. There were only four contestants, but all the other MCCians just decided to sing random songs anyway, and people videoed it, so I'm assuming it will soon be on youtube! And we were all singing along. It was happy freedom. After a quick lunch comprising of a frankie, I went ahead to watch the quiz show, which was won by 'the pav bhaji cynic', 'the real pav bhaji cynic' and 'the only pav bhaji cynic' (or so their certificates claimed!! But they went by the pseudonyms of Shyam, PG, and Ronak respectively). I also met 'Casual' and 'George', who is actually a she! And there was the Kitchi, and the Gitanjali, as you-su-al. We spent some time taking pictures of small-diaries-on-the-heads-of peopleness. I also met Jane Austen, who is now the pet dog of the literature department.
I do hope I have covered all these wonderful people and the lovely creatures that inhabit the glorious campus called MCC. The train travel back home was fun, thanks to these people. All in all, this weekend has been an absolute bundle of fun.


Susan Deborah said...

Ha Ha.

Enjoyed reading Sayu's random post about random stuff.

I have slowly started despising the usage of the word "random," "sexy," and "cool."


Joy always,

Sayujya said...

I know that as a word it may be overused, but as a feeling, it is an amazing one. Nothing beats it. Especially if you have not felt that feeling in really long