Friday, 17 September 2010

A Lament

This is a mere apology of an entry, since access to the internet is miserable. I have been away just because the net connection is slow, and it is an absolute hassle to trudge down all the way from the hostel to the reading room to get a net connection. So it is usually only a dire necessity that brings me down here. Today, on the other hand, I decided that enough is enough, and that I definitely need to do a little bit of mindless internet-ing. So, this is an entry that says I am, right now, doing nothing more than facebooking, and chatting.
Life has generally been hectic, and a little bit of a stress-buster is required. So, this is it:

A Lament
What am I going to do?
Work explodes like flotsam and jetsam.
Work clots and hardens
Like a few blood cells that
Gather into dark, bright red.
Work falls like a downpour of a storm.
Work thunders like a bellowing earthquake.

What am I going to do?
I have only one brain
To churn out thoughts
Like a machine.
Not those many ideas
Flourish and bloom
In the darkness of my mind.

What am I going to do?
Time escapes like a bubble
That flutters into the air and bursts.
Time lapses into silences
And my voice fails
To receive a response
From that vacuum.
Time laughs a mocking laugh
At my inability to speak.
Time moves at the speed of light
When I want it to crawl
At a snail’s pace,
And a lament escapes-
A deep, guttural cry for help.

I wrote this in class, when I found out that I need to write five term papers, give at least three tests within this month (and at least two more the next) and then start preparing for my exams. And somewhere along the line fit in some leisure (without which I would go insane). So, this was my lament there, and I hope it gets cleared out sometime soon.