Monday, 19 July 2010

When images stem out of Random Conversations

So I ask him,
'What catches your eye
When you first see a girl you like
Pass by?'
And he leans back,
And thinks for a second.
With due respect-
delicately, gently,
Like the sun glimpses
Upon a sunflower,
He sees...

The eye falls on quiet feet
Slipped perfectly into bright Indian sandals,
Toes painted in soft shades
of lavender,
Carefully filed,
Are settled neatly into

the small slit of an opening.
Musicless feet
Add colour
To that which they are clad in.
Slippers fading into the background
Like a hazy soundtrack
That only serves to enhance
the visual.

And with perforated incompleteness
A sole makes a heart beat
And fall.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Its Raining in Belfast

Torrents of wind and rain lashing against the trees
That are dancing like peacocks with their feathers of bright green.
The roads are dripping with the downpours of the skies,
And the clouds are singing instead of the birds' cry.

- Though rain here isn't supposed to be so uncommon, this is the first night it has been pouring continuously. And though most people do not want the rains, I am all for it. I do not know when I will get fed up (which I think I might, but hope I don't). Ah, well... hello rains! At least I shall give you a 'warm' welcome.