Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Lady of the House

She does not have to be who she is, but she chooses to remain that individual. This is something a Tamil, Brahmin girl understands in her life- it is something she sees. The woman who stands in the kitchen, cooking, is not a lady who does not want to be there. She is an educated woman, MSc, smart, intelligent and courageous. She is not docile or innocent and is not left without a choice.
She gets up early in the morning, sweeps the pooja room and enters the kitchen, fresh and ready to start the day's work. She neatly cuts the vegetables, and keeps the rice, rasam and sambar. As a girl, who doesn't particularly want to be the typical house-wife, her daughter watches her. But there is a bit of a paradox. This woman, she is not subdued or unhappy. Indeed, she is enjoying- no, relishing- her day's duty.
I do not know how this fits in in today's feminist readings. Some people might say that she is fitting into a patriarchal set up. But is she? If this is what she loves, then does it matter? She does not remain within the bounds of her home. She is a brilliant car-driver (beats many a Formula One racer, in my opinion), and loves cricket (ardent Sachin supporter). She takes care that her family gets the best food possible. She takes care that the clothes are in order, and the room is clean. She takes care that the accounts are settled and that tabs are kept. She gossips. She discusses. She talks. She teaches. She does not earn. She learns. She listens and sees. She is here, there and everywhere.

She is the Lady of the House.

Friday, 16 April 2010

This is just a fill in post.

This is just a fill in post. The real blogs will come when internet access is better.

Exams have begun. And the atmosphere is not one that befits studies. Instead, cycles peddle into Tamarind Groves and glimpse at little tanks of murky water, filled with frogs the size of your hand, whose croaks are stuck in their throats, you can almost hear them. And exam halls allow your mind to wander and traverse through the vast expanses of the brain, it becomes tough to stay on track. They say,
"two roads diverged in a lonely wood" - it seems to be an apt metaphor. I took the one less travelled by, got lost and don't know what to do. Sometimes hard work is the most fun experience. Why is it that some people do not know how to give that?!

Got to go!