Friday, 12 March 2010

Let us go then you and I...

Let us go then you and I
And sit down under the banyan's sky,
Eating biscuits and sipping chai,
Discussing what philosophies imply-
Of matters both mean and high.

The winds may rest,
The winds may blow,
But we shall waft
On friendship's glow.
And words shall form
And words shall flow
Or rest and slumber
Like the setting snow.
And thoughts are born,
And, nurtured, grow.

And at the end of the day,
We shall be on our way.
But footprints shall, embedded, stay
And images, on our memories, play.
And like leaves on branches, we sway
Under a conversational chasm's fray.


I miss MCC,
Where attendance came free,
And you were let to be

I miss the euphoria
That comes with being able
To step out
to read something beautiful
and different
and you are still

Kaalinga Nardanam

Grappling under the seas
With huge, hissing,
Ten-headed serpents,
He rises-
Child that he is,
He brought out the
Demon Gods
of restless, thunderous waters
That twisted and choked
The Earth.

And he made them
Bow their monstrous heads
To the feet of a mere mortal.

He understood
The wild, unnatural sublimation
Of what
We could never even begin
to comprehend.

And triumphant,
He danced-

Kaalinga Nardanam