Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Camera lens images

Sepia mode.
The sunlight bristles
Through the branches of my mind
In hazy shades.
And my mind-
Not black, white or colour
Takes the infinite hues of
Dull brown and off-white.
Feelings metamorphose
Into thought,
And dream of
Yellow and green.
Finally the picture,
Complete,Stands on its own,
And the photograph
Presents itself
In print.


soin said...

this is naice.when its small no rhyme and simple english it tends to be

indi said...

What things you write on, Sayu! I love this :)

Sayujya said...

Thanks both of you.
@Mridula- You write on such things too, if you didn't realise! And thanks. But somehow, I feel like I've lost something in my writing. Can't really place it though

Susan Deborah said...

I have always loved Sepia mode. It has something inbuilt within it: maybe nostalgia and an yearning for the past which is faded. Maybe.

A la thought fox, I reckon.

Nice to see a post after long dear Sayujya. Hope all is well with ye.

Joy always,