Monday, 7 June 2010

The colours of emotions

Feeling blue,
the entirety of my body splashes
Into the past,
looking for somebody to love.

They sang,
"they say, everyone has someone,
So how come no one loves me?"

And I wonder what lies beyond
the veils of space and time.
Is there a 'one'?
And how come...
my body splashes
into the pools of the past,
ending up feeling lost,
and feeling blue?

Feeling dark,
the rhythms of my heart beat
Like a constricted machine
To tunes of fire
Burning higher and higher
Waiting for the darkness to brighten into

The flames dissipate
into emptiness-
Dissolve in the darkness.
How did it all flicker away?
Like the day fades into night?

Waiting, this constricted machine
beats in silence,
hoping to be more than life supporter;
but creator- like magic
and God.

And that is when, the shards
and fragments of gold and silver
Hopes and desires
Rain down from
the ruby-red pieces
of my heart.

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indi said...

wow. I love it!

I don't want to say anything more. Just. wow.