Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Chennai MMTS (local train)

It is good to be travelling by the Chennai local trains again!! Things I noticed about the Guindy station-

1.  The Chengalpet announcements begin forty minutes before the train arrives, which is a bit better off than the announcement occurring when the train is just about to leave.

2.  The hmpc shop has shed its old skin, and now wears a yellow fencing around the sides. It seems to be smaller. The fermented apple juice is the same. The shop-keeper still remembers me, and asked me how I was, which made me feel really happy and gave me a high which (I swear) was not because of the fermented apple juice.

3.  The thatha (old man) with spectacles, who sits to beg near the steps from the ticket counter, has now procured a walking stick. The other thatha was not there, and the two paatis (old ladies) are still there.

4.  It is finally a relief to be travelling on a train that you do not need to know the timings of, and for which you do not have to stand on the over-bridge just so that you can run to whichever platform the train decides to arrive in (which is the case in Hyderabad local trains).

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