Monday, 11 January 2010

Something my cousin penned down-

'The Dawn of Life'

Everything has a tinge of dew;
The moon is making way.
The birds are chirping their way through
As the Brightest shines on the bay.

The flowers are dancing to their own tunes.
The day has come, brisk and bright.

As children are racing
Through the open grassland,
The farmer is tracing
His own merry land.

One thing I must say
Is that God has made us today
To realise one's tomorrow
And to keep it without sorrow.

- Bhavna Srinivasan

I thought I ought to put this up, seeing as she makes me proud to be her elder sister. It also reminds me of those days when I struggled to find the rhyme, and the awe with which I looked up to it.


soin said...

onga kudumbame ipidi thaana..rightu free..

indi said...

Wow. She writes more?

Sayujya said...

She has just begun. She wrote one before, I think, but I haven't gotten to lay my hands on it yet. Quite nice na?

indi said...

She should write more. Her insight is refreshing and new :)