Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 4 at Corbett: Idling


A day starting with a lovely long nature walk- bird watching. What with lapwings, two to three types of kingfishers, hornbills, purple sun-birds, and many others, we trekked along the waterless river bed and across the quiet, hilly terrains of the Siwalik (I still cannot believe I saw the… stayed in the… foothills of the Himalayas). Quite poetic- until the sun rose, that is! Then it just got plain hot! We saw deer marks and old pug marks too. After that, it was the usual breakfast and sleep till one thirty- twoish, and then lunch. Speak of lazy!

Four thirty or so was swimming time. Lovely swim; getting back; awesome, soothing, hot-water shower that makes you go ‘hmmmmmm’ and don’t want to turn the tap off, but reluctantly do so.

Night-time photography of hotel flowers that were insanely pretty (even at night) - this was on my father’s insistence though. Then came a light dinner and salt-lime soda, followed by a folk dance held by the Hideaway. It was lovely. One song even had a tune like ‘ganga mayi’ (a KFI song, for those who don’t know). Eventually, they called us to dance as well, but it got over quickly and we returned to our rooms.

Finally, packing and sleep. Preparing to travel. Yawn!

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