Friday, 27 March 2009

something on Music

Most of my life, especially in MCC, I have become absolutely dependent on music. Not just a specific kind of music, but general music. And somehow, it is the most important thing in the universe. It has existed even before language was perfected, in beat and rhythm. A beat, a breath, a gallop becomes a part of music, and inherent even in nature. There is a tune in the sway of the tree, the deer chase by a tiger, in the slight flutter in the air. I confess that I know nothing about music: absolutely nothing. Yet even I can tell that this song is horrid and that one is lovely; that this one is fast and that one is sorrowful.
I do not know of a person who does not listen to some form of music. In the Indian scenario, that is impossible, because songs are in every movie that we see- both bollywood and kollywood.
Yet, nowadays, movies have lost the quality of melody. One rarely comes across a song that is soft and flowy. It is all about remixes and fast beats. Not that I complain. I mean, fast paced is lovely, but once in a while there has to be something that is slow and sweet and not melancholic. Sometimes people miss the oldies.
And sometimes, like it is necessary to sit down and go wild and crazy, it is also necessary to just make music, and the world will be a brighter and better place: Make music, not war. And I really wish I could, but unfortunately my sense of music is miserable! I do not get pitch and rhythm. But every time I sit and listen to something, I am transported in to another world and that world is amazing, and that is all I know.