Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Ultimate Dance Battle (against Cancer)

A spark of an idea can prompt a revolution. And what better than the language of dance to convey a message? M D Rashmi and Deepti Nirmal ask this of the youth of today. Though only women of twenty one, they aspire to bring about an awareness amongst the present generation about the risks and hazards of unhealthy lifestyles through the means of a dance battle.

Even if young in age and experience, these two women have managed to stir the interest of society by posing sharp questions about present lifestyles that can affect us drastically without our realising it. The idea of a dance battle crept up after discussions with doctors and researchers from the Cancer Institute, where they realised that today’s way of living can even lead to major health issues like cancer. They wanted to vociferously speak out against drinking, smoking and constant splurging on junk food, which is also a primary reason for cancer in youth.

How it evolved

Words,in this instance, does not come through advice, but rather through action. Rashmi and Deepti use the unique method of dance for awareness and inspiration, and hope to infuse a change. Vision Vogue Enterprise, their event management company, which began three months ago, decided to produce “The Ultimate Dance Battle Against Cancer”. They believe that “the cause is the drive”. They enjoy their job, and believe in their cause. It is their sole motivation. Putting their heart and soul in their work, they aim to inspire people, especially the youth, to repair their way of living.

Neither Rashmi nor Deepti have had prior professional experience. Hailing from Madras Christian College, from a Visual Communication background, both women have started their own company out of sheer will power and have prospered solely based on what they have been able to observe and implement in their bussiness stratergies. They have managed to assemble enough contacts in the bussiness world, and they convince us that they will survive. Nothing is impossible, is one of their common ideologies. Hardships have been a part of the game, but they have learnt only through experience. Neither believe that this would have been possible if it had not been for the family support that they acquired. It is this as well as their sweat and blood that has got this youth revolution going.

The message

The word they want to spread revolves around the hazards that can lead to cancer. The cure for such a disease is hazy and research has not yet found a solution to this problem. Doctors and researchers thus emphasise on prevention. And this prevention is possible only by spreading the word- unhealthly living (smoking, drinking and junk food-eating) is a primary source for cancer in humans. Today’s generation has to believe and aspire toward a good and healthy lifestyle.

About 8,50,000 cancer cases are diagnosed every year and there are about 5,80,000 cancer related deaths every year. Of this, 50-60% of all cancers are environmental and 20-30% of the cancers are caused due to dietary habits as well as reproductive and sexual practices. Tobacco causes 50% of cancers in men. To prevent all of this, we ought to be in control of body and mind, and we need to begin to take care of what we eat and drink.

It is this that the dance battle is out to convey. It is a means to raise money for the Cancer Institute, but it is also a message. With the support of around fifteen people, these young women intend to hold a dance battle, which is the first of its kind in India, promoting western styles of dance which have not been able to gain prominance here. The battle allows different dance groups to dance simultaneously and the judge selects the best team from the lot. Since it is a new field that is yet to be explored in India, it allows for fair competition as well as judgement. Held at the Jawaharlal Nehru indoor stadium, on the 13th of February, in connection with the World Cancer Day, this dance battle promotes a new concept in the field of event management in India. Dance groups from around Tamil Nadu will be sparring with each other to promulgate an event of great magnitude and hopefully of a revolution.

Due to its very nature, this battle has attracted big media and will definitely attract big audiences. Around 6000 people are expected at the JN indoor stadium on the 13th of February to witness this event.

Vision Vogue believes that the youth can be stirred only by the youth, and this event is most definitely of the youth, by the youth and for the youth. We can bring about a change. We will bring about a revolution.

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Sayu! That was marvellous.... well put... excellent english...
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