Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sojourns of a lost Kitten

I was left alone on a tree;
there was no one to take care of me.
I squirmed, not knowing what to do.
I shrunk back,
Tail between my feet.
A quick hand snatched at me.
I dodged.
I landed on a shed
And my balance was lost.

I flew- for the first time-
like I never knew was possible.

And then, there was cold:
Sheer, blistering cold.
My heart sped and dropped.
And then there was another grasp
And life breath shuddered around me-
A sharp, freezing wind,
Sharper than the water's cold.
And then warmth,
And loving hands.

Where am I?
Where will I go?

- This was written when Simba entered our lives, and changed it for the few days before our holidays, leaving a little hole in our hearts when we had to leave. He is about the most lively kitten I have ever come across, and I want to cuddle him in the palm of my hand again, and watch him clamber up your dress to curl onto your shoulder. Waiting to show him The Lion King. I'm sure he'll be impressed!!!