Thursday, 3 December 2009

Conversations at 3 in the night

Silent feet tip-toe in, just as you are about to walk out
And the words flow and spring and sing and chant.
Never knew the meaning of a conversation,
Thinking of past, present and continuous harmonies-
A million considerations and recognitions
That you did not know existed
Float up to the surface.

Nothing of importance, of consequence,
No notes of high-tea and elegance.
Simple jingles of everyday life
Rekindle a spirit, a fire
To know, to read, to see and inquire
And change the route of a car
On a collision course
With Destiny.

Laughter chimes a mellifluous tune
And binds a bond stronger than love or friendship,
because it remains unnamed and unique.

Conversations at three in the night.

- I do know that there are people who will argue that three o' clock actually is morning time, but it sure does feel like the night when you end up talking till three. Try it, and you'll understand what I mean. It isn't precisely the same when you end up watching movies till three.


Susan Deborah said...

I have done that - real time as well as virtual. It is night for me but for someone somewhere its already tomorrow late morning.

Nice one!

Joy always,

Sankar said...

Try talking to a total stranger or a professor who puts you to sleep in regular class!!!It is friends that make you laugh whether it is 3 in the morning or 3in the night and neither does it matter whether it is night or morning?!