Thursday, 28 May 2009

Reflections on a computer screen:

She sits, alone.
Her face is bright. Happy.
Lit by the monitor's whiteness.
She looks down. Types. Enters. Clicks.
Her eyes sparkle off the glass-
Like the flickering light.

She sits and sits,
Waits and waits.
The clock behind her
ticks and ticks.

The smile slowly wanes.
She touches up her hair nervously.
One half of her face is lit by the screen
As she turns her face to the clock.
She adjusts the web-cam
And waits. And waits.

The clock strikes,
Signaling an hour gone by.
In a hazy-black, non-movement
You can register a single tear drop down.
And the whiteness of the site
Becomes the blackness of emptiness.
She stands up, turns around and walks out.

An empty chair.

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