Saturday, 20 December 2008

some random lines.....

Pharoahs sleep in wakeful darkness-
Empty minds of disillusionment.
Hopes of other worlds stifled in a dome,
Wrapped in a solace they cannot untangle...
Pyramidal pleasures of empire.

- When I was randomly thinking about pharoahs. (do not ask why, for I would not know)

I wish I were a falling star,
So that I could make anothers' day.
I wish their wishes come true,
By staring into empty space-
And when I come,
The whole night sky will be ablaze-
Not only that presence-
But hope and sweet love in the air-
But I will be a dream....

- On an overwhelming need to please.

It is easy to talk of frivolous mediocrities,
And laugh for thoughtless sentiments.
But there is no meaning in walking and talking
And being nobody,
Waiting for a spark of inspiration
That leads to a passion.

- When I was getting a little fed up with human beings and needed time alone to sit and stare.

Do not make me sit.
Let me free.
Do not make me talk.
Let me sing.
I walk on air,
I fly with wings
Of happiness.
I twirl, I swirl
And I am encompassed
With absolute glee.

- It is sometimes necessary to dance out an emotion, and when you can't, you are compelled to do the next best thing - write poeetry about it, of course.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

There is a man
With a deep forest tan,
Who smiles like a child,
Whose dark, timid eyes
Are the freedom of blue skies.
Grey-morning memories
Of raindrops on trees.
He strides- an Orpheus;
Musician of the mind
With no tune to play,
But the glitter of a joy
That kindles a music in the other.
Tramp of the lonely, dark woods;
With a rustle he moves,
Adorned with a jungle tune
That is his heart-song.
Quiet entrails
Following brown, elfin-mirthed eyes
And the wings spread
In the freedom of blue skies.
I watch,
And the eagle flies.

On Thiruvannamalai

It is surprising how much light
You can find in a dark, empty cave.
Sometimes it is essential to be in non-company,
To interact with the world around.
A little path that speaks of the pathless-
Musings on God, religion, philosophy and nothingness.