Tuesday, 21 October 2008

coffee, kadalai, and the rains (not to mention bajji)

Yesterday.... It has to be recorded as one of the most fun days ever, even though I had to stand in the rain (ok, I did have an umbrella) for a whole hour in Guindy. After an hour of lovely dancing, I went all the way to Guindy in a share auto (that got there too fast, in my opinion) and I was destined to wait in the lovely rain. It shows how accustomed I have become to the blissful rains (even if it does flood places and cause general misery to a lot of people, I have a liking for the patter of the water on the earth).
Well, it was because of this general state of being accustomed to the blissful rains that I was sulking (to myself) that I was there in the first place. And then I spotted the kadalai shop. That was practically what changed my mind- lovely, hot, yummy, road-side kadalai- what more do you want on a nice rainy day?! (Well, except coffee, obviously; or bajji).
And today, that's what I got! Hot coffee and bajji, with the cold winds blowing all about! And no power cut and lovely evening dance. It had to be recorded!
The rains have arrived! YAY

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