Saturday, 25 October 2008

The battle with the floods

Yes, the rains have not yet ceased their continuous rampage. And yesterday, I realised what it meant to walk in above-knee-deep water in the pouring rain, with hazardous electric units jutting out in every corner. Scary! There was a shortage of share autos and the buses were way too crowded. The autos just refused to come. Well, so I had to walk it all the way home. And the main road, leading to Ramavaram was swamped! The umbrella was of no use, trying to fight the waters, and trying to dodge cars splattering the road water into your face...
And there were two school girls who had no idea which way to go, clinging on to each other, cursing their fate, and getting soaked in the rain. So I grabbed the arm of one girl and firmly (as firmly as one can in a flooded road with an umbrella that was getting whipped behind by the winds) led them to the safe shores of the oppsite side of the road.
And then I trudged all the way back home, in a slow trance that finally ebbed away as I got into the warm shower. Warmth and bliss. Nicely washed hair, with a fuzzy feeling in the head.

Next came Sanskrit class and playing 'prince' and 'claw' on a friend's computer, and then home.

Today, chocolates, badam cake, maisurpah- it's impossible. Diwali is in the air, and that means sweets.... I cannot resist the temptation!


Chitra Gautham said...

A little late.. But Happy Diwali, nevertheless! :-)

PreK 07 said...
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Ani said...

It was almost like I was there watching the whole scene!! Wonderfully descriptive writing