Wednesday, 3 September 2008

An ode to a glow

Twinkle-toed dancers-

Psychadelic lotuses float

Beneath diamondaic dew drops.

Pink and white peace-makers

Exist on endless shores

Of transparent water.

A little firefly stumbles into its heart

And lovingly the petals cuurl about a flourescent light.

Ripples of water in a cool breeze

Help the firefly glow dimly as it dies out

with a flutter,

And the light at the heart of the pink-white lotus

Fades away.

The petals drops open in a silent

And solemn

Ode to a glow.

02/09/08 - I can't believe fireflies are on the brink of extinction!!!! They are too pretty to die! like little tinkerbells in the sky.

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Chitra Gautham said...

fireflies are on the brink of extinction?? Can't be..