Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I forgot a language yesterday

I forgot a language yesterday, when I could not place a letter.

A little bit of luck while writing

A little talent and a little knowledge

Sunken in a star of perceptionis what gives a light...

Like a torch on fire in the dark, dark night

And I cannt write in the language I forgot:

A paradox of English.

Maybe my language is not a language,

But a culture of mixed identity.

Yet why should I identify with that which I speak?

I am what I feel and not what I utter.

Yet my utterance is my feeling and my thought-

And my language (or languages)

Becomes my world.

I wrote this probably inspired by marsh languages, and partilly because I didn't remember a basic sanskrit letter: "ae"!!! This was just before our first CA! (not too sure of the date)

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