Friday, 6 June 2008

Day 3 at Corbett: R and R

Got up late (well, comparatively: 7.45ish). Ate the refreshing breakfast that the Hideaway provides. I had a terrible headache that made me a not-so-tolerable person , what with my cribbing and muttering and irritated-face-keeping! And then came sleep (after food) at which point my aunt and uncle left for Kolkotta, and I didn’t give them much of a farewell (owing to my cribbing: sometimes I find myself unbearable! I wonder how others tolerate me!) It felt as though the brain of mine was banging itself against my skull!
Thus, sleep ensued. At 12.00 I was up again. A lovely bath did nothing to make my headache go away. Lunched around 1.00. Got back to the room, read a little, got troubled by my cousin, and got ready to go out at 4.30ish.We were going to the Kosi River, where the hotel had ‘activities’ like rappelling, ‘mountain’ climbing, slithering and river crossing. We attempted river crossing first, where they leave you suspended from a rope which slopes down. This doesn’t give you much to do except hang on, and so it was simple. Next came rappelling. This requires a little effort from the individual. The right hand holds the rope in front and the left below the back and he body weight is solely on the lower back. Legs straight and wide apart, you let go and keep letting yourself down. Bhavna (my cousin) was scared initially, but did it nevertheless. I wasn’t all too scared. Dad didn’t do it. Ma was fine! Then came ‘mountain’ climbing, where we had to climb a rocky wall, which, sad to say, I couldn’t accomplish owing to the unfortunate event of being deplorably fat (added to which I hogged the lovely desserts in the Hideaway)! Bhavna did it though.
Finally came the slithering where you are let off from a bridge and when you reach the bottom (just above the water), they let you fall, and you get absolutely drenched. This was scary because there was nothing to hold on to, but once it was over, it felt good. Again, pa didn’t try it, ma tried once, but Bhavna went twice.
And there we stood on the drier parts of the river Kosi, three of us wet to the skin, one carrying the video camera, the camera, purse, shoes and what-not. We walked along that dry river until we reached water, which we decided to cross. More than three-fourths across the water, ma got scared by the force of flow. Thus we retreated gracefully, letting the water be, and we walked the path to the main road, had ‘chai’ in a road-side shop, got to the room, bathed and left for dinner.
Happy meal (once I should probably talk about the Hideaway food sometime, but it would take too much time), and while the others watched IPL, I managed to finish (as it so happened, the not-so-good) Jackie Collins. Sleep again…
A day of rest and relaxation- not much accomplished, not much travel. Not much to look forward to; peace, quiet and sleep.
I sign off.

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