Friday, 23 May 2008


The state of mind that i have been over the past few days- blah! I dont even know what that means!!! I guess, it is a feeling where i don't particularly want to be sitting down in one place, because that immediately gets me bored. Anyone who comes online to chat should know what i mean. I probably try killing them with my boredom!!! But i'm happy when i have somewhere to go!
I have been doing that, though- Victoria memorial, the museum, st. john's cathedral- kolkatta in general. Comfortable car travels through town, from salt lake city to the howrah bridge.... Awesome marvels that deserve the awe that they get. Little town roads with old buildings that look so anciently beautiful. The heat that gets to you, and the rains that are oh so lovely! Little drops that grow into a storm that blow down hoardings.... The hoogli river that flows in serpentine curls of blue- green waves, with dolphins on their fringes. Ah! What a lovely place. Bengali, with its accents, the roads that start out with broken, old, cream-grey buildings leading to glassy columns of buildings... Little shops with matkas that can be painted, and leechies!!! Yum. And pani puri that drips into your fingers. Little cycle rikshaws that drive through town, and the tram that trudges past the whizzing cars. The metro that hides down below and the trees that envelope the roads (at least in salt lake).... gorgeous.
And after all that roaming, you'd expect that all I'd want was a lovely meal and a long long sleep, but oh no! The sleep won't come, and I'm left watching television and sitting on the computer and letting my brain drift into a state of non-being where thought cannot bloom (or whatever).... and I am left sitting online, with nothing to do.... waiting for the next morning to take me on a flight of its wings into another corner of the city.....

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Blue signboards
With white letterheads
Stare into the morning sky.
Shops of hourless, timeless exhaustive food
And fermented apple juice
Flows through the parched throat.
Time is waiting
For a time to move
And tired ecstatic pleasures
In todays and yesterdays
That flow by-
Summertime musings.

(Written while travelling to Vandavasi with Rashmi, before the bus journey while we hogged at the station on the third of May.)