Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A Drop of Absinthe

Give me just a drop of absinthe
And the wind will swoop me away;
I shall enter into an abyss
And the music will play;
The stars will open their fiery bands
And their sparkles will shine today…

Just one drop of absinthe,
And I’ll promise you a smile-
A little drought of laughter
Escaping from my lips;
And I promise you won’t forget
The night that passes by.

Once more, I taste
The music of your wine,
And suddenly I laugh with joy
And feel myself smile-
Maybe you oughtn’t to feed me your alcohol-
‘Cause the stars are already playing
And I’m engulfed in the abyss;
I feel the wind about me swaying-
For I’m drunk in your smile.

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