Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Anonymous friend

Silent whispers across an orange-lit black lake
As she sat by the railway tracks,
Orange fire glowing on a finger-tip held cigarette,
And the dark clouds swept her tresses across her tears.

An abrupt halt of a speeding train.
He waited for it to fly again,
As he saw the orange city lights
Mingle with the black lake waters.

She turned her head with bruised sorrow
And saw mellow whiteness from a dark train.
She heard the heavy blows that her lover had dealt her, in her ear
And the tears flowed slowly again.

He watched from the light of the mellow-white train
And saw her weeping in her pain.
And as her eyes met his,
He gave her a smile and a wave.

He lit a cigarette anew
And shrugged with carefree quietness.
And then she saw the meaninglessness of living,
And the beauty of that lack of meaning.

She waved a fire-glow of a cigarette in return,
As a thank you note for letting a life live.
And the motionless train caught a flutter of joy
And began to fly with the wind.

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