Sunday, 13 May 2007

Flames... ceremonial

watching the flames flicker with tear drops in eyes and a constant chant that buzzes through the ear drums. That is the ganapathi homam that is done for entering a new house. And thats what i attended today. I figured that the chanting was actually interesting to listen to- though i couldnt understand anything! And the flames made me think that all life seems to be consumed in flames. Pretty profound! What is the use of all this if we spend money to get it done... what does it achieve except excessive pollution and loss of time? Well, then i was off to play scotland yard...
if one hasnt heard of it, get the game- its just brilliant! its one of the best cops n robbers game that can ever be played on a board game! Its too tough to explain, but its just brilliant! and of course, i can never be a robber, so im always on the safe side- if im not, well, as usual i get caught! n then we played pictionary- ah now that, im reasonably good at.... not great, jus reasonably good- i figured i cannot draw human beings, but i can draw say flowers! which i did too- n ppl congradulate me on how well it came out! well- neva know if its got to do with how ive improved or if its really good! one cant rely on family for opinions!
But what came last in the day was the dance! wow! that was one hell of a trip! two whole hours of proper bharathnatyam! brill! its just inexplicable- the moves and the beat of the rhythm, i guess i could go on for ever about dance.... just makes me smile and well, obviously the exercise is great! well...... just- dance is, i guess, the best flame of all! the flame of passion and expression!!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Nothing to do but think....

Yesterday, the world just turned pitch black.... ahhh yeah, the current went. Got some time and interest in suddenly goin to the terrace and star gaze. And of course think. Well, star gazing isnt a speciality in me, i figured, cos i ended up twirling and dancing on the terrace!!!! Well, then the thoughts .... about friends and mainly about time. And then thought about flames (dunno where that came from!!!). Well, flames! what a beutiful creature. It has a life of its own- its own passions and its own anger and solitude. Living its own imagination! Then i went back down and learnt (or rather half-learnt) to break open a coconut with a butter- knife!!! yay!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Flames of Black or White

Black Beauty
Dark Lady
Black Gold
Black Silence

White Death
White Lie
White tear
White Anger

Endless Confusion
Thoughts and feelings
Words and Silence
Melancholic Mirth
Honest Affections…
Flames flicker and die.