Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Big Foot Adventure

Her yellow paw stepped on dry leaf.
The ray of the scorching noon-sun
On her tense, striped back,
Reflecting off her black eye.

Big Foot Adventure-

A ripple of a breeze
As she spots her prey.
The firm paw crouches
Amidst the tall dry grass.
The power of every muscle
Controlled in her foot step.
Not a sound, not a rustle.

Big Foot Adventure-

Her ear perked up
And a sudden effortless leap
And a pounding, thunderous chase.
And that paw, the claws all out
grabs the deer.
The strength, the force,
As she bites into her midday meal.
The power emanating
From her tense, striped back
As her claws rip through her food
And then she leaves
Turning around, proud,
With her tail up and head held high.
The quiet triumph shown
In her vicious-soft paw…

Big Foot Adventure!!!

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