Wednesday, 8 August 2007

rising from the ashes

Well, I am not me. I am not what i was that is. After all people change right? So there you go... I changed. Someone told me that i have been reincarnated. I said i was like a phoenix!!! Phoenix flames! change... well, yes, I have changed a lot and all my friends poured in their ladel of influence to help me on my way. When I entered college, I was shut up inside myself. And i could not for the life of me talk. Well, now i am more talkative. I guess I've also learnt to endure a lot of things that dont really please me. Or rather, instead of endure, should i say put up with... because endure is too strong a word. Well, yeah, so I do put up with a lot of things that Im not really pleased about. I am a little more patient though i need more of it. not that ive touched upon the 'other' side. The goa side. Well, its the 'lets experience a little of everything' side. Not a side I thought I would have when i was in school!!! And then, more important than everything else, the MCC complacency set about me like a little charm and worked its way into my schedule. So now my pretty "goody goody" attitude is gone forever. Hey wait, dont think i dont do good work any more. I still put in my best (or at least near best) when I want to. It's just that, maybe, as of a while ago, I ahve been mccianised! I should tell you, its not all bad. Its about the most open, most fun-loving yet lax college...... Go MCC!!! :)

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