Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Iron fist of Love

I was sitting in a solitary daze and it was beating.
It was a beat of hard red flesh against my ribs.
It was a drugged hurt. It was all red.
Not the soft, calm and peaceful aura
Of elegance and charm,
But sharp, hard, angry, possessive.
It wrought its iron fist
Around the throbbing piece of flesh.
And it caught.
Choking- an unsaid desire to touch
What I cannot even see, perceive.
That innocent smile stopping a beat
And holding me in ice-cold glee.
A yearning to reach out and grasp
Something that will never be mine.
And cling on ferociously-
To fight for, to die for.
Why? Why? Why?
Why no answer?
A million questions and doubts.
But what if he forgot the question was ever asked?
What if the intention was never known?
Why is it so tough to ask?
Why does that iron fist pierce into
The cold red of my heart?
Petals of tenderness
Blush as they close the core truth shyly
But with fierce possession-
Tender tentacles that grip…
The iron fist that wraps a quiet heart.
Solitude not truly wanted though always sought,
Longing for what is not near-
So far… ah, so far….
Yellow moon, you are closer-
And you know that the iron fist
Grabs at my heart and hears it throb.
Why cannot I tell?
Why is my silence quieter that yours?
Ah… but that is the iron fist that closes my longing heart!!!

rising from the ashes

Well, I am not me. I am not what i was that is. After all people change right? So there you go... I changed. Someone told me that i have been reincarnated. I said i was like a phoenix!!! Phoenix flames! change... well, yes, I have changed a lot and all my friends poured in their ladel of influence to help me on my way. When I entered college, I was shut up inside myself. And i could not for the life of me talk. Well, now i am more talkative. I guess I've also learnt to endure a lot of things that dont really please me. Or rather, instead of endure, should i say put up with... because endure is too strong a word. Well, yeah, so I do put up with a lot of things that Im not really pleased about. I am a little more patient though i need more of it. not that ive touched upon the 'other' side. The goa side. Well, its the 'lets experience a little of everything' side. Not a side I thought I would have when i was in school!!! And then, more important than everything else, the MCC complacency set about me like a little charm and worked its way into my schedule. So now my pretty "goody goody" attitude is gone forever. Hey wait, dont think i dont do good work any more. I still put in my best (or at least near best) when I want to. It's just that, maybe, as of a while ago, I ahve been mccianised! I should tell you, its not all bad. Its about the most open, most fun-loving yet lax college...... Go MCC!!! :)